About Wyco

In 1921 Andrew Wyzenbeek organized a group of engineers to form the Wyzenbeek & Staff Company, and by 1929 his company was fully dedicated to the production of flexible shaft machines and power tools for the industrial market. The flexible shaft with offset bearings was an innovative concept, and Wysenbeek utilized this principle in a number of products, from fish scalers to concrete vibrators.


Wyzenbeek began the production of gas-powered vibrators in 1941.


In 1962, Wyco, as the company became known, received a patent on its Square HeadTMvibrator design, the patent awarded for consolidation efficiency. The concept was further supported by conclusions of the IIT Research Institute (IITRI) of Chicago.


In 1970, Wyco introduced the world's first hydraulic concrete vibrator for use on concrete paving equipment.


In 1971, Wyco was purchased by Racine Federated Inc., a private manufacturing company under the leadership of John Erskine Sr.


With the introduction of its high-cycle vibrator in 1975 and its pneumatic vibrator in 1977, Wyco developed a core family of internal concrete vibration products that continues to this day.


The first portable gas vibrator was unveiled in 1981, and in 1986 Wyco introduced the first UL/CSA approved concrete vibrator, the first of its kind to meet OSHA standards.


In 1994 the hydraulic concrete vibrator was dynamically redesigned to meet changing mix standards for the pavement industry. Wyco worked closely with specifying agencies to develop placement standards ultimately adopted for highway and runway construction. Wyco also introduced the smart vibrator system, a PC application for continuous vibrator monitoring on hydraulic pavers.


In 2004, Wyco introduced the first full-powered adjustable speed high-cycle vibrator capable of meeting all placement requirements for bridge construction.


2010 was an innovative year for Wyco. The company introduced the Sure Speed Electric vibrator that automatically adjusts to maintain the same speed in the mix, regardless of the load placed on the head. This technology provides users with minimal surface defects which in turn reduces patching costs. In January 2011, Wyco acquired the Screed King from Crown Construction Equipment. The acquisition represents an expansion of the divisions’ concrete products. Wyco is continually striving for success within its products and services.


Today, Wyco continues to monitor mix and material compatibilities in the concrete industry, and the dynamics of placement by vibration. Wyco's people are proud of the company's long history, and they are excited to continue the company's tradition of innovation, for their industry and for their customers.